2014 Conversations on Citizenship Webinar Series

Starting April 21st, CCLD will begin hosting six 90 minute webinar sessions from 1:00–2:30 p.m. EST with eminent thought leaders in the field of citizenship and person-centered work.
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Immerse yourself in sound theory and bring it uniquely to life during this 15 week learning journey.

Interact with internationally renowned and new leaders dedicated to changing the face of community one person at a time.
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Conversations on Citizenship & Person Centered Work

Conversations on Citizenship is a "collection of brilliant threads, tied together by editors John O'Brien and Carol Blessing around the issues of the citizenship of people with disabilities and of overcoming the barriers that are still preventing full access to society,"
(Simon Duffy, The Centre for Welfare Reform).
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Welcome to the Citizen-Centered Leadership Resource and Learning Center!

Carol BlessingCitizen-Centered Leadership is at the hub of a growing number of people who are concerned with preserving the integrity of landmark advances in the Inclusion movement while stepping boldly away from the traditional practices that hold people with disabilities back from full citizenship expression. It is a portal that invites you to explore what others are thinking and doing in the areas of person-centered planning, leadership development, community-building, employment and organizational planning as they relate to supporting the ideals of citizenship with and on behalf of people with disabilities who are vulnerable to social exclusion.

The slide show at the top of this page offers a preview of what the site has to offer. You can navigate to a page of interest directly from the Introduction slide show or by using the navigation tabs at the top of the page. But before you go anywhere, we recommend the introductory video clip of eminent thought leaders in the field of person-centered planning and community inclusion taking a look at the relationship between disability and citizenship.

Want to hear what others are saying about citizenship? Visit our Citizen-Centered Leadership Learning Collaborative social media site and join in a conversation already taking place or start a new one!

Many of the people who are engaging in conversation about person-centered work and citizenship have taken part in one or both of the courses that are the backbone of the Citizen-Centered Leadership Community. Several former course participants have become or are becoming licensed global partners who are committed to expanding the current edges of the field using the Expert Support, networks and other resources of the Citizen-Centered Leadership Resource and Learning Center.

When it comes to Citizen-Centered Leadership, we wrote the book! Stop by our Products & Services area to order your copy or to learn how to access consultation, technical assistance or to set up a group and/or customize your own Citizen-Centered Leadership learning community!

Upcoming Courses

  • The 2014 Conversations on Citizenship Webinar Series!
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  • April 21
    – The Company You Keep defines how we are known and how we come to know others. In this webinar Carol Blessing explores the concept of social empowerment with the context of citizenship and disability.
  • April 28
    – Aaron Johannes-Rosenberg and Barb Goode discuss strategies for building relationships that cultivate relationships of reciprocity and leadership with people with intellectual disabilities
  • May 12
    – As human service professionals, we do a great job of creating what Michael Smull refers to as "a good paid life." Join us as Michael shares his thoughts on how person-centered thinking and practices can and should support people toward lives of contribution through citizenship beyond the boundaries of human services systems.
  • May 19
    – The gap between citizenship and disability is one of tension. John O'Brien joins our Conversation series exploring topics ranging from the ethics and integrity of person-centered work to social innovation and personal leadership
  • June 2
    – Contribution to Community: a right and a responsibility of citizenship. Mike Mayer guides our understanding of how positive behavioral support creates opportunities for people with disabilities to be productive and contributing members within mainstream society.
  • June 9
    – Person-centered work was never about disability. Everyone is born "in." Join our featured guest Jack Pearpoint as he shares through real experience with real people telling real stories the power and impact of person-centered planning.
  • The cost for each webinar for non-registered 2014 CCLD community of practice members is $25 (USD) per session. Register Now!


    *Topics and Presenters subject to change