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Citizen-Centered Leadership Development is an international coalition of people committed to actively engaging individuals with disabilities in self-directed, self-defined membership in community life.

There are Many Ways to Be a Member!

Levels of Engagement

 Participation LevelWhere to ParticipateHow to Participate
 CCLDs Social and post to the network. Invite others into the community!
 CCLDs Active and productively contribute to the online focused discussion
 CCLDs Participantwww.ediONLINE.comParticipates in the live webinar series
 CCLDs ContributorMoodle & WebExActively participate in the full on-line series and live interactive sessions; complete field assignments; cultivate a place-based community of practice.
 CCLDs PartnerLicensed Agreement to Teach the CourseAll of the above, including design and facilitate a minimum of one discussion on the CCLD social network; observe and co-lead future Moodle course(s); maintained professional integrity by staying current in the course field of study

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