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2013 Conversations on Citizenship Webinar Series!

This series provides a glimpse into crucial topics that lie at the core of Citizen-Centered Leadership. Each session is a rare opportunity to gather together to listen, reflect and share in focused conversation the deeper questions concerning anyone interested in community inclusion.

The 2014 Conversations on Citizenship Webinar Series!

Starting April 21st, 2014, CCLD will sponsor and host six 90 minute webinar sessions with eminent thought leaders in the field of citizenship and person-centered work.

Featured Topics & Presenters*

  • Carol Blessing
    April 21
    (PAST EVENT) – The Company You Keep defines how we are known and how we come to know others. In this webinar Carol Blessing explores the concept of social empowerment with the context of citizenship and disability.
  • Barb Aaron
    April 28
    (PAST EVENT) – Aaron Johannes-Rosenberg and Barb Goode discuss strategies for building relationships that cultivate relationships of reciprocity and leadership with people with intellectual disabilities
  • Smull Michael
    May 12
    – As human service professionals, we do a great job of creating what Michael Smull refers to as "a good paid life." Join us as Michael shares his thoughts on how person-centered thinking and practices can and should support people toward lives of contribution through citizenship beyond the boundaries of human services systems.
  • Obrien John
    May 19
    – The gap between citizenship and disability is one of tension. John O'Brien joins our Conversation series exploring topics ranging from the ethics and integrity of person-centered work to social innovation and personal leadership
  • Mike Mayer
    June 2
    – Contribution to Community: a right and a responsibility of citizenship. Mike Mayer guides our understanding of how positive behavioral support creates opportunities for people with disabilities to be productive and contributing members within mainstream society.
  • Pearpoint Jack
    June 9
    – Person-centered work was never about disability. Everyone is born "in." Join our featured guest Jack Pearpoint as he shares through real experience with real people telling real stories the power and impact of person-centered planning.
The cost for each webinar for non-registered 2013 CCLD community of practice members is $25 (USD) per session.

*Topics and Presenters subject to change

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  • The 2014 Conversations on Citizenship Webinar Series!
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